Soundproofed Containers

Soundproofed containers are manufactured for containing generating sets or other industrial equipment like motor pumps and compressors.

They are constructed with a technology similar to that of normal ISO shipping containers, with single-block structure and ISO standard blocks on the lower and upper edges.

The Container production line can be completely customized on customer specifications, making it a great way to preserve the working environment from noise, and protect the health of workers from physical damage related to noise.

The frame structure is made of steel beam type S275JR and the floor is made of diamond plate reinforced with profiled metal sheets, and the same sheet is welded tight to the side beam to be also resistant to water infiltration.


For the sound insulation of the container, we use curtain walls constructed of profiled metal sheets with a suitable thickness, entirely coated with acoustic materials based on the required reduction sound.

External and Internal Layout

The external and internal form can be customized on customerís needs. Therefore, it will be a preliminary design suitable to indicate the position and the number of doors, the position of the openings for air passage, the dimensions and position of the internal walls used to create the dedicated rooms for control panel or additional fuel tanks and the position of hoses/cables entrance.


The coating process is as follows:
  • The monobloc structure is subjected to blasting to SA 2 Ĺ, application of a layer of 75 micron thick epoxy primer, application of a coat of polyurethane paint thickness 75 microns;
  • The panels and all the other details dismantled, after a thorough cleaning and degreasing treatment, are coated with epoxy polyester base with a minimum thickness of 100 microns.

Hinged doors

A particular attention is paid to the function of the doors either single or double. Strong steel hinges guarantee their anchorage to the structure, while locking systems such as container door lock and doorstop ensure its perfect closure.


  • Insulation of the floor;
  • Stairs to climb to the roof;
  • Painting according customer specifications.
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