Cutting-edge solutions in soundproofing systems

The ability to adapt to rapid changes in the market and attention to the needs of its customers are some examples of Biemme Insonorizzazione’s strong points.

Biemme Insonorizzazione was founded in 1997 as a company specialized in design and soundproofing of woodworking centers. This was the starting point to develop our first soundproofed enclosures.

Our company now boasts many years of experience in the field of industrial soundproofing, with an innovative sprit, quality and customer satisfaction, believing that these variables constitute the indispensable pillars of its success and expansion of business.

Thanks to the extensive expertise and experience acquired over the years through collaboration with leading domestic and international companies, Biemme Insonorizzazione is able to offer cutting-edge and advanced solutions to many production sectors, addressing any need in the acoustic field.

To achieve this with the utmost efficiency, we work through the activities of our engineering dept., which is studying projects in accordance with customer needs always ensuring a perfect integration between security and production requirements.

Biemme Insonorizzazione produces containers, canopies, enclosures and shelters suitable to fulfil any need related to housing of different technological or industrial machines.
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